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  • Tech pack
  • Physical Samples and prototypes
  • Created by pictures or mailing product sample

Everything we design is custom for you and because of the relationships with our design team not only is it trending quality work but its quick.


  • Product Development
  • Product Inspection upon arrival
  • Manage freight, customs, and delivery

We have 7 years of manufacturing experience and have built a relationship with our factories to make a complex process simple for all our clients. Our clients are not only impressed with the quality of work but even more impressed with the quick timing of mass production.


  • Quality standard inspection team
  • Pick, Pack and Ship
  • E-commerce, USPS and Fedex shipping
  • Tracking and updates
  • Inventory update

A lot happens between production and final product delivery, logistics, shipping, warehousing, and fulfilment, but don’t worry we handle it all.


  • Web Design Team
  • Your own web Page Platform
  • Sales and Promotions

After all your hard work, you need a spot to show it off and a place for your followers to shop, and again…don’t worry we have that covered too!